Our Mission

The Mytharium is a digital blog with the mission to make folklore more accessible to writers. We are committed to publishing work that is informative and engaging, inspires creativity, and seeks to understand how folklore can enhance modern narratives. We are particularly interested in folklore and mythical creatures from non-Western cultures, are in need of preservation, or have dark undertones.

All images used on the Mytharium are public domain.

Our Content

  • A Guide to Folkloric Motifs: deconstructing old tales and examining their themes and motifs
  • The Mythical Bestiary: investigating the origins and variations of mythical creatures from around the world
  • Folkbelief: understanding the science, psychology and spiritual meaning behind our beliefs
  • The Real History: the historical context behind superstitions and traditions


Some folktales may contain violence, sexism, ableism, and racism. Its not our intent to promote those archaic attitudes, however the Mytharium does not censor or alter any original folktales.


Founder & Editor

Lindsey Souza is both a folklorist and writer of New Wave Fabulism. She is a member of the American Folklore Society and holds her MFA in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. She currently lives in Wiesbaden, Germany and travels Europe searching for interesting folklore.

Email: themytharium@gmail.com